Kelly Kristjanson

Coffee & Cannabis

by Kelly Kristjanson

Released 2016
Released 2016
Coffee and Cannabis is about pot being legal now in one of our country’s most caffeinated cities. Rock with a Ska Reggae feel. Special release for HempFest!
Coffee and Cannabis
I hit the zone
Hemp Fest, raining again
There’s no need to stay home, All lit up and bombed

Coffee and Cannabis
It’s how we’re known
Grunge loving anarchists
Some things you never outgrow, Got Nirvana on

Making it legal to begin again
Making it easier, I’m making new friends…

Coffee and Cannabis
at the Freemont troll
a Venti Java fix
I begin to plateau, Got my dark shades on

Coffee and Cannabis
In self defense
Just need a cup or so
And I’m fairly content, though the times are hard

The State made it easier to just breathe in
There making it easy to live again, to live again