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AY-102 Wasteland Washington

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Kelly Kristjanson
Kelly Kristjanson


What I am about to tell you is not a secret

The projected price tag to clean it up is $100 billion — and counting.




Started out like war

Poor man getting shit on by the ones in charge

Hanford WA was born 




Its what they call each of 28

dual insulated containers

holding nuclear waste

has been breached – quote unquote dangerous


u might think that’s ok

but their more than 14 years behind schedule

and its costing the tax payers of WA

2 billion a year

and there not even fixing the problem




In Hanford they also have

177 of the single seal tanks

workers have been transferring over

to the dual insulated containers

all together holding some 

56 million Gallons of waste


what does the energy dept. say about it?

these buildings are complex


and cost to the tune of some 13 billion 


and eventually they’ll turn the waste into 

some sort of stable glass form

this is the process known as vistrification


The glass in turn would be put into a stainless steal

Detainment center for long time storage. 


And how long is that? What’s the half life?


There gonna get gong on that… 2022


And in the meantime were supposed to trust them.

Trust that they know what there doing.


Its like the IRS or any other self governing agency

For that matter






You know a fella I used to get high with when I was young

Graduated college, took a job at Hanford, at the plant

He knew he would probably die early from the radiation, but

He figured somebody had to go and keep an eye on things



The Environmental Protection Agency is fining the Department of Energy — which operates Hanford — $10,000 each week. In a letter announcing the fines, the EPA said, “The original 2002 date by which sludge removal was to be completed has been extended 13 years,” and the Department of Energy has had “ample time to fund and commence sludge removal.”


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