Sober at the Wake

Kelly Kristjanson

A Somber Rock-n-Roll semi-automatic view of death and violence.

Sober at the Wake - Originally released on Kelly Kristjanson’s album “Everybody Needs a Gun.” This single is a re-mix of that original recording and adds additional keyboards.

This song is dedicated to those of us that have been touched in some way by gun violence. Perhaps you’ve lost a friend or relative. If you’ve gone to a funeral or wake you know first hand what an eye opener that can be. The following is an excerpt of the lyrics inspired by Kelly’s personal loss.

“The mission for the day, is stay sober at the wake allergic to foul play and looking for closure Far too young a man to die. It’s hard to understand and the angels cry.”

“How common is a gun? How common is a fair fight? Stay calm and not get drunk, or are you gonna get tight? or Stay sober at the wake”

Written, Performed, Engineered and Produced by Kelly Kristjanson at Kali Bali Studio, Seattle Wa. With Guy Johnson on electric guitar and Hillary Palmer on Harmonica. Mastered at Shadowood productions.

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