Everybody Needs a Gun (Shoot the World Panic Mix) - Single

Kelly Kristjanson

Everybody Needs a Gun

Everybody Needs a Gun is an entire album dedicated to bring the Mass Shooting Epidemic to the forefront of the conversation with songs such as Shoot the World, Sober at the Wake and 300 Million Guns. Lock up your guns! this trend has got to stop.

Kristjanson (Kelly) is a prolific songwriter – instrumentalist, who has worked with several independent artists throughout his career. N.W. artists such as Robyrt Delong, Ted Narcotic and Jon Auer of Posies fame.

Kristjansons’ single Serena’s New Surprise from his 1st solo CD Granite Falls received over 1,000 spins in 2011.

Kristjanson has since gone to England and studied his craft with Donovan and even collaborated on a few rare tracks with Pakistani-born British singer-songwriter Rumer.

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