1. Little Dove

From the recording The Valentine Sessions


Little Dove

Little Dove, you walked into the room
Little Dove, It must of been a full moon
true that I was paralyzed and not too fun to talk to
she just smiled and said boy I think you ought to

Little Dove, girl you make me smile
in every language that I knew, her remarks we’re still in style
here or there or near and far and as the world changed
Little Dove, you walked away in vain

Little Dove, you rocked into my life
we started dating and I made you my wife
countless Summers and winters gone, romance sure begun
Little Dove, we had a lot of fun

Don’t be afraid, we’ll be ok your the one I love

Little Dove I want to say to you
what I’ve said a thousand times, I love you girl I do
I’ll say it just once more and mean it with conviction
Little Dove here’s my valediction

Little Dove, kiss me while I sleep
I was having dreams of you, that you would dream of me
inspiring though the times we had, I revealed in your touch
Little Dove don’t you fret too much

Little dove, I prayed you were my savior
the uncertain times I had almost out of danger
though I’m sure I had a blast a prologue to give up
Little dove kiss me for good luck

Don’t be afraid, we’ll be ok your the one I love,

Little Dove I watch you from afar
It doesn’t matter how young you are
you’re youthful in your heart
girl I named a star for you, it twinkles in the night
Little Dove, I’m sure we’ll be alright

Little dove, I still remember you
we were playing hide and seek both in different schools
searching so, the time has passed remembering those days
Little dove, please don’t be afraid

Don’t be afraid, we’ll be ok your the one I love, little dove
Kelly Kristjanson ©2020