From the recording Incandescent


Sincerely (Don’t you hear me)
I live in my imagination and I’m torn apart
Between real life and my fixation, I just love the thought of you
I long to have more information but we’re worlds apart
It isn’t an exaggeration, I just felt that spark with you
What we gonna do?
True you are an inspiration for my foolish heart
I honestly have admiration for your love of art I do
Those nights we had is all, Don’t you hear me
Our passion stands alone, Sincerely in my dreams
Restless now and my impatience I feel Like a falling star
The years have flown by like a passing glance And my soul just longs for you
Those nights we had still call, Don’t you hear me
You’ll never dance alone, Sincerely in my dreams
K.Kristjanson c2015