Kelly Kristjanson

Songs of Warmth and Light. Rock and Roll!

Incandescent is the new full length album from songwriter Kelly Kristjanson. Incandescent is his second release of 2016. A quick follow up to his political “Too Late for Washington” released earlier this year. Incandescent contains a wide selection of songs ranging from the raw rockabilly driven Her Husband Robs Banks to the soulful Beatles sounding Holy of Lords. And that is in just the first five minutes.

The nine song CD also features Super Moon –a tribute to Robin Williams written the night he died. A rare and special Thanksgiving song You Can Say Thanks, and a Country R-n-B flavored Redneck at the Roadshow that is a satire about trying to sell a Rembrant on the popular PBS Home Roadshow.

Eight of the nine tracks feature electric guitar skillfully performed by Seattle’s Guy Johnson. Add Incandescent to your collection today.

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