Only You Know

Kelly Kristjanson

Indie Artist, Rock/Americana, Seattle based Singer/Songwriter.

ONLY YOU KNOW is Kelly Kristjanson’s (Icelandic spelling, pronounced like Christian’s son) 5th full length Indie release and a deeply intimate album. The title is taken from his song “The Collector” which was also the working title for the LP. The origins of which came up in a therapy session. The therapist indicated that Kelly was a people collector. He said he didn’t buy into the analysis but took the ball and ran with it, creatively speaking.

During the course of writing and recording the album Kelly suffered some profound losses of both friends and family. “I Still Feel You With Me Everyday” was written for his cousin Stefania. Who was also Kelly’s best friend. She was lost suddenly… and “Save a Place at the Bar” is song about his friend Scott holding a place at heaven’s bar for him to drink when he gets there.

Besides the deeper emotional songs you can hear a sense of reverence. “Meet Me at the Truck Stop’ Is a fast moving vehicle of bravado.“Hot Spots” is a screamer as well. Then there is the absolutely infectious ‘Helping Johnny on the Farm’. You’ll be singing that one for hours. Kelly’s Uncle Johnny actually took over the family farm back in Mountain, North Dakota. “I never did a lick of work there at all”, Kelly quipped.

All songs were written by Kelly Kristjanson except for “Some Moments Last a Lifetime” written by Steve Besancon and Kristjanson. Kristjanson performs all vocals. Kristjanson also plays all instruments with the exception of Lead Guitars on “The Collector”,” I Still Feel You With Me Everyday”, “Meet Me at the Truck Stop”, “Helping Johnny On the Farm”, “One Day at a Time” and “Save a Place at the Bar” which were performed by Guy Johnson. Johnson also Played bass on “I Still Feel You With Me Everyday”, “One Day at a Time” and “Helping Johnny On the Farm”. All arrangements by Kristjanson except “One Day at a Time” arranged by Kristjanson and Johnson. Recorded at KaliBali Studio Edmonds WA. Engineered and Mixed by Kelly Kristjanson using Pro Tools. Cover art design by K.K. Produced for by Kelly Kristjanson. Mastered by Tom Nunes at Atomic Disc.

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Kelly Kristjanson

Songs of Warmth and Light. Rock and Roll!

Incandescent is the new full length album from songwriter Kelly Kristjanson. Incandescent is his second release of 2016. A quick follow up to his political “Too Late for Washington” released earlier this year. Incandescent contains a wide selection of songs ranging from the raw rockabilly driven Her Husband Robs Banks to the soulful Beatles sounding Holy of Lords. And that is in just the first five minutes.

The nine song CD also features Super Moon –a tribute to Robin Williams written the night he died. A rare and special Thanksgiving song You Can Say Thanks, and a Country R-n-B flavored Redneck at the Roadshow that is a satire about trying to sell a Rembrant on the popular PBS Home Roadshow.

Eight of the nine tracks feature electric guitar skillfully performed by Seattle’s Guy Johnson. Add Incandescent to your collection today.

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Sober at the Wake

Kelly Kristjanson

A Somber Rock-n-Roll semi-automatic view of death and violence.

Sober at the Wake - Originally released on Kelly Kristjanson’s album “Everybody Needs a Gun.” This single is a re-mix of that original recording and adds additional keyboards.

This song is dedicated to those of us that have been touched in some way by gun violence. Perhaps you’ve lost a friend or relative. If you’ve gone to a funeral or wake you know first hand what an eye opener that can be. The following is an excerpt of the lyrics inspired by Kelly’s personal loss.

“The mission for the day, is stay sober at the wake allergic to foul play and looking for closure Far too young a man to die. It’s hard to understand and the angels cry.”

“How common is a gun? How common is a fair fight? Stay calm and not get drunk, or are you gonna get tight? or Stay sober at the wake”

Written, Performed, Engineered and Produced by Kelly Kristjanson at Kali Bali Studio, Seattle Wa. With Guy Johnson on electric guitar and Hillary Palmer on Harmonica. Mastered at Shadowood productions.

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Do What You Wanna

Kristjanson / West

Two songwriters in the studio freelancing doing what we wanna.

Kristjanson/West is a songwriting team that started out in the mid-seventies. Together they were the nucleus of the Bands Seattle News a.k.a. Brando Bogart. Recorded at Studio One in West Seattle in the early eighties. Photo by Ron Bellar.

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Too Late for Washington

Kelly Kristjanson

The latest EP released by songwriter Kelly Kristjanson. It is a collection of songs that describe the important issues of the day here in America and particularly Washington state. “Why don’t you put that in your pipe and smoke it.”

Sno-homeless County describes how people are living under I-5. Coffee and Cannabis is about pot being legal now in one of our country’s most caffeinated cities. Trying to live my life Offline describes the transparencies of living in a Facebook world.

Oil Train is about Washington’s current concern with a derailment catastrophe and the CD wraps things up with AY-102 (Wasteland Washington) about Hanford’s nuclear reservation and the fact they are over thirteen years behind on their plans to clean up the radiation there. “Why don’t you put that in your pipe and smoke it.”

All songs are written and recorded by Kelly Kristjanson with Guy Johnson on all electric guitars and he also plays bass on Coffee and Cannabis, and Oil Train. Rock On!

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Everybody Needs a Gun (Shoot the World Panic Mix) - Single

Kelly Kristjanson

Everybody Needs a Gun

Everybody Needs a Gun is an entire album dedicated to bring the Mass Shooting Epidemic to the forefront of the conversation with songs such as Shoot the World, Sober at the Wake and 300 Million Guns. Lock up your guns! this trend has got to stop.

Kristjanson (Kelly) is a prolific songwriter – instrumentalist, who has worked with several independent artists throughout his career. N.W. artists such as Robyrt Delong, Ted Narcotic and Jon Auer of Posies fame.

Kristjansons’ single Serena’s New Surprise from his 1st solo CD Granite Falls received over 1,000 spins in 2011.

Kristjanson has since gone to England and studied his craft with Donovan and even collaborated on a few rare tracks with Pakistani-born British singer-songwriter Rumer.

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